3 Steps to Deliver the Right Digital Message at the Right Time

3 Steps to deliver the right digital message at the right time


If you’ve read any of my previous articles or attended any of my workshops, you will hear an underlying theme of “deliver the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time.” Digital marketing has advanced to the point that this should be and can be the norm. Gone are the days where we invent behavioral grouped personas to drive our marketing campaigns; i.e. “affluent mother of three purchased my vehicle, so let’s find more affluent mothers of three.”


The consumer path-to-purchase is no longer linear. In today’s sophisticated automotive digital marketing landscape, we can utilize more enhanced acquisition campaigns throughout this new consumer journey. The most effective way to reach and influence your target audience is to observe consumer search behavior on the web and their devices. These patterns leave “intent data” which can enhance your digital marketing efforts. By accessing this type of data, we can better understand the message we need to deliver during these different on-site interactions.


  1. Search data across digital marketing channels is one of the strongest signals of intent and best sources for customer acquisition. Intent comes in many forms and multiple locations; including your keyword search terms, dealership websites, product review sites, vehicle comparison sites and vehicle pricing sites. By “scoring” the various destination sites, you’ll be more laser focused on each customers intent and able to deliver a more personalized message during each twist and turn. This will allow you to influence the consumer before they conclude their research and make a purchase.
  3. Intent data can show a lot about what a person is looking to buy and even inform you about what they’ve bought in the past. However, combining this information with other consumer signals, such as what channels (email, video, mobile, etc.) and devices they engage with and peak times of day that they browse or buy, allows dealers to deliver information that people want, where and when they want it. 
  5. What happens when customers never return to your website and/or make a purchase offline? Observing intent data that is captured beyond a dealer’s website helps marketers re-activate past customers or retarget potential customers. If a dealer knew a previous consumer was “in-market” again, they could deliver relevant information to them via email or display ads on desktop or mobile to try and get them to re-engage with the dealership. Additionally, enticing customers with special offers is another way to boost re-activation.

If you would like a complimentary “blueprint” on how to deliver the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time, please contact me.



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